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Phoneline counseling for blue-collar workers residing in Shwe Pyi Tha

Amid of the corona pandemic, the People In Need (PIN), the HELVETAS Myanmar, and the Call Me Today are giving responses to the society by contributing phoneline counseling projects for blue-collar workers who are residing in Shwe Pyi Tha.

In the first week of the initiatives, the project earned interest from the general public as well as being taking place on media coverages from SkyNet, Channel K, Irrawaddy, and the Myanmar Times. Kyaw Zin quoted that "By seeing the public response on this project and media themselves, we can see that Myanmar in need of mental health counseling and highlighting this."
























Additionally, this project covers educating the general public about mental health and self-care. This applies to Facebook, Myanmar's most used online social media platform, and lasts for 3 weeks of learning and sharing offline resources to the public. This initiative expects that a total of 500 people is to learn the basic of mental healthcare, counseling, and self-care in their daily lives.

The calls are generally about asking for help for their basic needs and making complaints on social issues. This project targetted to cover 500 people in need for their mental health via phoneline counseling and group counseling.

This project is funded by LIFT; Livelihoods and Security Trust Fund and a part of the Aye Chan Taw Ein (ACTE) Project organized by People In Need (PIN) and the HELVETAS Myanmar. The project is started in late May 2020 and to end in late July 2020.

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