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Today is World Mental Health Day 2020. As the theme of the day is the “kindness” we are to share our kindness to our surroundings and our family from now on.

We, Call Me Today, launched the campaign “#wearasmile” , which highlights people to smile 😊 and aware the mental health awareness.

For this campaign, we have collected photos from any interested person voluntarily to make these big pictures to make this event online. This is a public asset and able to share freely with no hesitation. Please use #wearasmile as to make this campaign viral in your community.

We are now committing ourselves to make a single smile every day. From now on, we are not only aware of the importance of physical health, but also mental health as well. Spread our smiles to you. Hoping to feel the warmth from our sunshine smiles!

Have you smiled today?




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Call Me Today is celebrating World Mental Health Day 2020 to highlight the mental health issues in Myanmar.

We are collecting the data in collaboration with U-Report Myanmar to explore the correlation between COVID-19 and mental health among Myanmar people nationwide.

This initiative is part of a campaign #wearasmile as to make an impact for #worldmentalhealthday.

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Call Me Today has initiated the photo campaign for World Mental Health Day 2020 on October 10.

This campaign is to promote mental health awareness as well as making the public to be aware that there are peer listeners among us amidst coronavirus threats in our daily lives.

You can participate as to share your photo to think the link


Please share a 1x1 square size photo with a smile on your face.

Do you aware that mental health is the thing to be taken care of for your well-being? If you say YES, tell others too.


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Call Me Today is the first Myanmar helpline for emotional and psychosocial counseling. Call Me Today is a nonprofit organization collaborating with NGOs, INGO in various projects, making impacts on mental health.



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