• Kyaw Zin

Call Me Today Rebranding

We would like to announce we are launching our new logo of Call Me Today from September 2021. We have been in Myanmar mental health industry for over 3 years.

Within these 3 years, Call Me Today had seen the progress and development in society concerning mental health and social stigma. The taboos of discussing mental health in public have been declined and we are now getting to take care of mental wellbeing as much as we do for physical wellbeing.

Call Me Today is established in June 2018 with the motivation of fighting inaccessible counseling. We have served over 1500 clients ranging from migrants, university students, white-collars and NGO staffs psychosocial supports and counseling.

Since our mission is to provide accessible mental health services to everyone, we are continuing to support mental health services to all Myanmar people. Thank you very much to each and every donor, INGO, and business who believes in mental health initiatives and supports us

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