Digital Pen-pal Writing Experience via SLOWLY

Starting from October 2019, Call Me Today has launched an emotional pan friend writing service using the SLOWLY app has a medium as in collaboration. We expect that Myanmar people across the world could enjoy expressing their stress and anxieties by sending a letter to us and replying to them in return.

For this service, we do not use email for an instance as we would like to deliver letter waiting for experience as we had experienced in the 90s. Call Me Today is currently working in emotional catering fields for Myanmar people in achieving nationwide access to emotional supports and mental health issues.

For this service, users can directly access find "Lu Aye" from the SLOWLY user account and simply writing letter to us.

Call Me Today is a self-funded organization, founded in October 2018 to reduce the suicidal rates and increase mental health awareness to Myanmar people. Call Me Today is the first Myanmar emotional catering service provider using the telephone.