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(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Family Counselling, Individual Counselling, CBT - Anxiety, Depression & Anger, etc.



She received a doctorate degree in psychology MRes (Psychology), M.A (Psychology), and He received B. A (Hons.) from Yangon University in 2011. In addition, she has completed a Diploma in Social Work. During the 17 years of working experience in this career, she participated as a coach in Youth Mental Support Campaigns as well as a volunteer for Mental Support Counseling during the COVID-19 period. She is currently studying Special Needs Children.

When anxiety becomes excessive, it often affects daily activities, and one will suffer from panic disorder symptoms of fear such as rapid heart rate, fast breathing, difficulty in breathing, and excessive sweating leading to feeling weak and dizzy. In the family, daily mental problems such as confusion, self-loathing, and being easy to get angry will occur as well as experiencing discomfort in social relationships. If you are experiencing these kinds of feelings, the practitioner can help you cope with your emotions.

The most important thing is to overcome stress and paranoia and to pursue emotional ease. Rather than suffering from emotional difficulties alone, you need someone who will listen to your difficulties and ease them. The practitioner can help you by discussing behavior therapy and coping skills to get a healthy mind.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Anxiety & Depression, Distress, Relationship Problem, Loss & Grief, OCD, Trauma & Suicidal Ideation



She holds an Honours degree in Psychology from Yangon University and went on to pursue a Master's degree in Psychology. With over three years of experience in the field of mental health, she has gained valuable expertise. During her studies in psychotherapy, she also volunteered weekly to give comfort talks to orphans at the monastery.

She offers individual psychotherapy to patients who are experiencing depression, severe stress, and grief due to the loss of a loved one. She has provided more than 360 hours of clinical support to help clients cope with these difficult emotions.

She completed basic comfort counseling and psychological first aid. As a therapist, she is professionally trained in Interpersonal Therapy and has also studied Integrative ADAPT Therapy.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Child Psychology, ECCD, Helping Children (Separation and Divorce), Healthy Parenting Style, and Parenting Education, Expressive Arts Therapy (Self-Regulation and Stress Reduction, Foundation for Trauma-Informed)

She has finished her Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) to aid in the mental development of children, Apart from this, she has delved into subjects associated with caring for children and parenting education, including parenting styles. Furthermore, she has taken courses in Expressive Art Therapy for Self-Regulation and Stress Reduction, as well as the Foundation for Trauma-Informed.

It is important to seek the advice of a counselor for the betterment of a child's psychological growth and the parent-child relationship. She has conducted workshops on Child Psychology and Parenting Education for various Mental Health organizations. Additionally, she has extensive experience in counseling and addressing conflicts between children and parents. She aims to assist young children who have experienced trauma in growing up in a secure and stress-free environment.

She offers counseling services and art therapy sessions (which involve painting and other artistic activities) to support and address the requirements of children. Parents or children can also arrange a meeting with her to receive consultation and guidance.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Stress Management, Anxiety & Depression, Relationships, Loss & Grief, Anger, Adolescents, Self-Esteem and Setting Boundaries


She majored in psychology at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, and is currently active in mental health support organizations in Myanmar. During her studies, she worked as a Senior Mentor at Trinity College, University of Melbourne, helping to address the struggles that junior international students may experience.

She not only works with adults but also with teenagers and young adults. She is an experienced person who has provided counseling for children. The practitioner can help with Depression worries, Family and relationship topics\such as the loss of loved ones called Grief & Loss.

She believes that everyone should have a safe place to deal with life's difficulties. Therefore, both as a counselor and a teacher, she listens and responds carefully when conducting discussions and comforting clients so that they can safely talk about themselves and how the events they encountered affected them. She is also constantly trying to gain more insight into how to lead people to try living their daily lives more meaningfully.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Anxiety & Depression, Bipolar Disorder and other Psychological Distress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

She is a medical doctor and is studying mental health specialization as a postgraduate. She has also completed a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is currently studying the Global Mental Health Course. At the moment, she has (3) years of experience in the mental health treatment field and she is eager to support clients with mental health issues. Now, is working as a Mental Health Practitioner at Call Me Today.

In terms of experience, she can do counseling for various mental health disorders including the psychological problems that we face every day. She gives counseling to people who want to resolve misconceptions and difficulties in their daily life.

When dealing with mental illnesses, she uses cognitive behavioral therapy to change the behavioral issues within clients in order to help overcome difficulties.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Relationship Counseling (Family, Friends, Relationship Problems), Self-care and Emotional Wellness


In 2018, she graduated from Yangon University with B.A. (Hons) in Psychology. She also completed a one-year program of Trauma Counseling & Training in the Healing Burma project. She is currently working as a Mental Health Practitioner at Call Me Today.

It is important to understand and believe that mental health plays a significant role just as physical health for every human being. Therefore, she aims to help the clients deal with personal problems and achieve a comfortable situation in the process.

Regarding emotions, people tend to have difficulty expressing their feelings, fearing judgment from their surroundings. The practitioner can discuss with a  person-centered approach to ease the client and have the ability to open up.


(Male Mental Health Practitioner)

#Relationship Counselling ( Couple,Marriged,Family ) &,CBT Therapy


He graduated from Western Yangon University with a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has been working as a volunteer counselor in the mental health industry since 2016. He has written and published articles related to mental health and relationships. Furthermore, he has successfully completed a course in Counseling from a private institution. He worked as a volunteer counselor at Mental Heal for one year. In addition, he attended a course related to psychology. At present, Call Me Today is still working. He is the one who can provide the best support for the recovery of your mental health.

He is experienced in discussing the psychological problems experienced by relationship problems, self-awareness, self-development, and counseling for domestic abuse/violence.

Depending on the problem of each individual client. He listens carefully to their scenario with suitable approaches and aims to discuss cognitively so that they would be able to manage self-control in their emotions and behavior patterns.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Depression, Anxiety, Stress Related Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol used Disorder, Substance used Disorder and Adjustment Disorder

She is a doctor specialising in mental health with an M.B.B.S / MMed.Sc (Mental Health) degree specialising in mental health graduated from Yangon Medical University (2). She has 8 years of experience in working in the mental health industry and has already seen many different patients suffering from mental health issues.

She provides special consultation for those who need medical help in terms of depression, anxiety, stress-related problems and bipolar disorder problems due to the aftereffects of alcohol and drug cessation as well as people who want support through counselling for difficulties.

She offers support to people who especially need medical help. Special consultation is available for those who mainly want to consult about psychological problems.


(Male Mental Health Practitioner)

#Stress Management, Relationship & Family Problems, Loss & Grief, Dilemma, Trauma,  ( Psychosis and Mood Disorders)


He received his medical degree from Mandalay-Medical University and he is a WHO mhGAP Medical Training Doctor. He also attended the Global Mental Health (E-learning Program, University of Washington).

He has more than two years of experience in Mental Health Counseling regarding mental health and also participated as a Trauma Counselor in Healing Burma. He values the equality of all human beings and condemns human discrimination. Moreover, he acts as a speaker for mental health-related talks and also writes educational articles related to mental health. He strongly believes in equality and equity and supports human rights regardless of one’s race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, belief, educational level, etc. He has a strong passion for mental health and shows great patience with clients. 

After counseling with him, you will learn to look at your problems from a different perspective. Problem-solving skills will increase, and you will know how to live your life happily and meaningfully. The practitioner uses a client-centered approach, so there is no need to worry for those who have never done counseling. In addition, methods such as grounding, Breathing Exercises, and Mindfulness will be used as needed.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Psychosocial Support, Suicidal Ideation, Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Loss & Grief


She received a Bachelor's degree in English from Yangon University in 2017, and she found a huge interest in psychology. Therefore, she tried to attend a lot of counseling training while focusing on specific topics related to therapy in her private time. She is currently working as a facilitator to support the comforting and discussing sectors in workshops and training at a mental health organization.


She believes that all feelings are figures depicting ourselves. She mainly aims to create a safe place to sculpt this figure of clients. In this safe place, no one will criticize and the counselor will be there to help you start your journey of self-discovery through warmth.

The teacher focuses on a person-centered approach so that you can explore your feelings in a safe place at your own pace. When necessary, the counselor will help by using other therapy tools to make it an integrative healing format.


(Female Mental Health Practitioner)

#Relationship Counseling (Family, Friends, Relationship Problems), Self-care and Emotional Wellness


She studied psychology at Yangon University. At the present, she offers psychological counseling and support, PFA, and trauma-based support at mental health-based organizations  She completed the Lay-counsellor Skills Training and Exam and volunteered as a Mental Health Supporter, and Lay Counselor at free mental health support organizations. She is now working as a Mental Health Practitioner at Call Me Today as well as an Associate Counselor at other mental health organizations.

She believes that mental health plays an important role in the daily life of every human being. Thus, she will provide comfort and discuss in a safe, warm, non-judgmental manner the emotional discomfort or problems experienced by clients.

By using a person-centered approach to clients' emotions and discomfort, she will help them in finding solutions for their problems together and guide them to solve their own problems.


(Male Mental Health Practitioner)

#Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management


He graduated as a medical student in his final year and currently serves as a mental health counselor. He completed his counseling education at a private mental health institution and is actively involved in mental health workshops. Furthermore, he volunteers in several organizations aiming to enhance public mental health.

He is available to offer assistance in tackling the challenges, stressors, and unease faced in daily life. As a secure and non-judgmental space, he is accessible to all to talk about any subject matter.

He adopts a Person-Centered Approach to help individuals struggling with discomfort, allowing them to jointly arrive at solutions rather than perceiving them as vulnerable or flawed.

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