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Phoneline Counselor

This information is for our phoneline service in Myanmar. If you have any questions throughout the application process, email and someone will get back to you!

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How do I become a phoneline counselor?

Becoming a counselor is a long journey and it is a life-long process. This long journey can start with the first step of applying to Call Me Today. It is all starts with passions!

First of all, you must have a clear vision of yourself why do you want to become a counselor. Then the rest is your legacy. You will be learning 40 hours training program and these skills will be with you forever.

What does a phoneline counselor do?

Phoneline counselors are the frontiers and initial touchpoints for clients' mental health.  Within your assigned working hours of 4 hours per week, you accept the calls from clients around the country and intervene in the crisis, if necessary actively listen for emotional supports and provide telecounseling to make a change, following the codes of ethics of counselors.


Time Commitment

If you are busy in the daytime and want to volunteer during the night, Call Me Today fits with your timeslots. Call Me Today operates on weekdays and Saturdays, 5 PM to 11 PM, open to all populations in Myanmar.


Call Me Today expects a phoneline counselor to commit to volunteering 4 hours per week until 200 hours are reached. Ideally, we expect you to fulfill your commitment within one year. Before you begin as a counselor, you’ll also complete a training period to give you all of the expertise you need to successfully and empathetically conduct emotional supports, Tele counseling, and navigate crisis intervention.

Additionally, there will be some timeslots looking forward to occupying for supervision sessions, debriefing, related meetings, and training from your daytime.

This training and supervision are free for you, but it costs Call Me Today $650 to train each phoneline counselor. So, we need volunteers to see the training through to the end and serve out their 200-hour commitment.

Benefits of becoming a phoneline counselor

For individuals, you will be getting to know more about emotions and the importance of mental health which will be the benefits in personal development and your coping strategy. Additionally, this will be the benefits to your family and friends.

For the community, your impacts, your commitments, and your time will help somebody and even their lives at most. You could be the changemaker for the community, fighting the stigmas of Mental Health in the Myanmar community as well as fighting for inaccessible counseling in your region. 

Finally, you will feel you are supported since we are in the same family and we are walking to the same destination, "Fighting for inaccessible Mental Health services in Myanmar"

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Ready to become a phoneline counselor?

Do you think, you could be the one, Call Me Today welcomes your application as the first step Let us know you are there!

The process

Step 1: Fill our 3-minute application form. We will contact you shortly if there is vacant space for you.

Step 2: Complete our training program before assigning to phoneline work. The instruction will follow later after we contact you.

Step 3: Pass the exam after studying all the lectures.

Step 4: Take your first counseling shift and be ready to make an impact!

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