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Become a Counselor

Call Me Today is welcoming Burmese and other ethnic speaking mental health practitioners across the country to provide accessible mental health services for all Myanmar people.

Apply with CV to


1. What is Call Me Today online platform? 


Call Me Today online platform connects the vacant practitioners and thier clients using the technology. Both meeting on video conferencing link which is secure and inclusive. Clinets enjoy customized time, preferences on practitioners and freedom of choice on mental health service.

2. What are the benefits?


Online practitioners do not need to do administrative process with clients. Practitioners can focus on their therapy and practises with no interferences. Furthermore, for skill development, Call Me Today provide supervision sessions with qualified supervisors for the platform providers. 

3. What is the minimum time commitment?

There in no minimum set amount of time from Call Me Today. The purpose is to provide accessible service to both practitioners and clients. Practitioner can set their available time on Call Me Today platform. The more time put into the platform, the more options clients can choose. 

4. How is the selection process?


Based on the applicants' CV, Call Me Today will offer the suitable roles in the platform.

5. What are the requirement to apply?

The applicant should able to speak Burmese or other ethnic languages of Myanmar. The applicant should posses  the work expereince on psychology counseling, emotional support, group support, or social work counseling. The applicatn should excel one therapy in minimum. All applicants are assumed to follow the Call Me Today framework in counseling and emotional support.

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